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Internship Timing Preference

Currently, I have grouped you based on your topics as shown:

AI Based Agriculture
  • Taarhan Ravi
  • Joel Vong
  • Wong Wei Zhen 
  • Raagini Kalaimani
  • Lim Wei Keat
Project KAPPA AR/VR Android App (Techlympics 2022)
  • Josmin Thadatil
  • Howard Teng 
  • Kam Ting Xian
  • Gerald Ting
LIG Quantum Capacitance
  • Mukthie
  • Phoebe Tsai
  • Chia Cherng Xi
  • Chng Ying Tze
For hybrid arrangement, it means you may leave uni a few weeks later after exams, or you may come back to uni earlier before next semester starts.
Recommended start date: 20th June 2022
Recommended end date: 20th September 2022
I.e. If you have specific requests? Questions? Or special requirements?