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Le papillon et la fleur

The Butterfly And The Flower 蝴蝶與花朵

Poet: Victor Marie Hugo (1802 – 1885)

Composer: Gabriel Fauré (1845 – 1924)

La pauvre fleur disait au papillon céleste : – Ne fuis pas !

The poor flower kept saying to the airborne butterfly: “Don’t fly away!



Vois comme nos destins sont différents. Je reste, Tu t’en vas !

Our destinies are different: I stay put, you travel!



Pourtant nous nous aimons, nous vivons sans les hommes et loin d’eux, 

Yet we love one another, we live without human beings, remote from them;



Et nous nous ressemblons, et l’on dit que nous sommes fleurs tous deux ! 

and we resemble one another – some say that both of us are flowers.

且我們如此相似,又聽他人都說我們可都是 一對花朵。


Mais, hélas ! l’air t’emporte et la terre m’enchaîne. Sort cruel !

But alas! the breeze carries you off, while the earth ties me down – what a cruel fate!

但,唉,天空把你帶去,而大地卻把我栓縛。 殘酷的命運!


Je voudrais embaumer ton vol de mon haleine dans le ciel ! 

I would like my breath to perfume your flight in the sky!

 我多麼想將我的呼吸香飾你的飛踊 當你在天際!


Mais non, tu vas trop loin ! – Parmi des fleurs sans nombre vous fuyez, 

But no, you travel too far! Visiting countless flowers, you fly away,



Et moi je reste seule àvoir tourner mon ombre a mes pieds. 

while I remain alone watching my shadow circle at my feet. 



Tu fuis, puis tu reviens ; puis tu t’en vas encore luire ailleurs. 

You go, then you come back, then you fly off again to shine elsewhere.

你飛去,但有時你歸來,但你再度飛去 現身他處,


Aussi me trouves-tu toujours àchaque aurore toute en pleurs !

So every morning you find me bathed in tears!

你也會發現我總在每個黎明 滿是眼淚!


Ah ! pour que notre amour coule des jours fidèles, Ô mon roi, 

Ah please, so that our love may glide along faithfully (oh my king!),



Prends comme moi racine, ou donne-moi des ailes comme àtoi ! 

take root like me – or else give me wings like you!”

請你植上像我一樣的根或給我雙羽翼 像你一樣!


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Elegy 悲歌

Poet: Louis Gallet (1835 – 1898)

Composer: Jules Massenet (1842 – 1912)

Ô, doux printemps d’autre fois, vertes saisons, vous avez fui pour toujours!

O sweet springtimes of old verdant seasons you have fled forever



Je ne vois plus le ciel bleu; Je n’entends plus les chants joyeux des oiseaux!

I no longer see the blue sky; I no longer hear the bird’s joyful singing!



En emportant mon bonheur, Ô bien-amé, tu t’en es allé!

And, taking my happiness with you, O my love you have gone on your way!

帶著我所有的幸福,哦 親愛的,你就走了!


Et c’est en vain que le printemps revient!

In vain Spring returns

即使春天歸來也徒然 空虛!


Oui, sans retour, avec toi, le gai soleil, les jours riants sont partis!

Yes, never to return, the bright sun has gone with you, the days of happiness have fled



Comme en mon coeur tout est sombre et glacé!

How gloomy and cold is my heart



Tout est flétri pour toujours!

All is withered forever

全都瓦解 永遠地!


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釵頭鳳 Phoenix Hairpin

詩人:陸游(1125-1210 宋) 作曲家:周易(1923-2019)

Pink hands so fine, gold-branded wine, spring paints green willows palace walls cannot confine.

East wind unfair, happy times rare. In my heart sad thoughts throng: We’ve severed for years long.


Spring is as green, in vain she’s lean, her silk scarf soak’d with tears and red with stains unclean.

Peach blossoms fall, near desert’d hall. Our oath is still there, lo! No word to her can go.


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漁光曲 Song of the Fisherman

詩人:安娥(1905-1976) 作曲家:任光(1900-1941)

Clouds float in the sky over the sea, the fish are hiding in the water,

The fishing nets dry in the morning sun, wind blows over the sea.

The tide rises, the waves surge, the fishing boats drift east and west.

Cast the net, pull the rope tight, work hard in the smoke until the fish come!

Catching fish is hard, taxes are heavy, fishermen are poor for generations,

The broken net that grandpa left, we carefully rely on it for another winter.

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To become thousand winds that blow 化為千風

詩人:Mary Elizabeth Frye 


私のお墓の前で 泣かないでください
Do not stand at my grave and weep

そこに私はいません 眠ってなんかいません
I am not there, I do not sleep

千の風に 千の風になって
To thousand winds, Become thousand winds that blow
化為千風 我已化為千縷微風

あの大きな空を 吹きわたっていますTo endlessly big sky, the wind is blowing. 翱翔在無限寬廣的天空裡。

秋には光になって 畑にふりそそぐ
In the fall, it will be the light that pours down in the field.
秋天 化身為陽光照射在田地間

冬はダイヤのように きらめく雪になる
In the winter it will be snow sparkling like a diamond.
冬天 化身為白雪綻放鑽石光芒。

朝は鳥になって あなたを目覚めさせる
In the morning will wake you I have become a little bird.
晨曦升起時 幻化為飛鳥輕聲喚醒你

夜は星になって あなたを見守る
In the night we’ll protect you become my shining star.
夜幕低垂時 幻化為星辰溫柔守護你

私のお墓の前で 泣かないでください
Do not stand at my grave and weep

そこに私はいません 死んでなんかいません
I will not be there, I am not dead.

千の風に 千の風になって
To thousand winds, Become thousand winds that blow
化為千風 我已化為千縷微風

あの大きな空を 吹きわたっています
That widely spans blowing a big sky.

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今夜阮有一條歌 Tonight I have a song

詩人:陳謙,本名 陳文成(1968-)


今夜阮有一個夢 想欲對你講 想欲對你講坦白
Tonight I have a dream, With to tell you, With to tell you frankly,

今夜阮有一條歌 不知按怎唱乎你聽﹖不知按怎唱乎你聽﹖
Tonight I have a song, Not knowing how to sing for you and listen to me!

耶 吉他輕輕來彈起 心情親像船一隻
Ya! Slightly playing with guitar, Sentiment just like a boat,

Sailing and leave the harbor to chase after you,

無情的是你 無緣的阮名字 今夜阮有一條歌
You are so indulgent, My name called no fate; Tonight I have a song,

How? How? Am I singing for you to listen to me?

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Nel cor più non mi sento

I no longer feel within my heart 我心裡不再感到青春火焰燃燒

Poet: Giuseppe Palomba (flourished 1769-1825)
Composer: Giovanni Paisiello (1740 – 1816)

Nel cor più non mi sento brillar la gioventù;

I no longer feel within my heart the accustomed brightness of my youth,



Cagion del mio tormento, amor, sei colpa tu. O Love, it’s your fault that I feel so tormented.



Mi pizzichi, mi stuzzichi, mi pungichi, mi mastichi; You pinch me, you poke me, you prick me, you grind me.



Che cosa è questo ahimè? Pietà, pietà, pietà! – What is this, alas? Have pity, I beg!



Amore èun certo che, che disperar mi fa.

Love is a certain something which arouses in me despair.


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Nina 妮娜

Poet: Anonymous

Composer: Vincenzo Ciampi(1719-1762)



Tre giorni son che Nina For three days Nina



In letto se ne sta. has stayed in her bed.



Pifferi, timpani, cembali Shawms, drums, cymbals 高音短笛,鑼,鼓


Svegliatemi Ninetta waken my little Nina 喚醒我的小妮娜

Acciò non dorma più.

so she may not sleep any more.


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Danny boy 丹尼少年

Poet: Frederick E. Weatherly (1848 – 1929)

Composer: (Folk song) Anonymous


Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

噢!丹尼少年, 笛聲正在召喚


From glen to glen, and down the mountain side,



The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling,



It’s you, it’s you must go, and I must bide.



But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow,

但你回來了, 當夏天回到草原上的時候


Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow,



It’s I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow,

我一定會去那兒, 不論是陽光普照或陰影覆蓋


Oh, Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so!

噢!丹尼少年, 我是多麼的愛你


But when ye come, and all the flow’rs are dying,



If I am dead, as dead I well may be,

而我已經死去, 死的很安詳


Ye’ll come and find the place where I am lying,



And kneel and say an Ave there for me;



And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,



And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,



For you will bend and tell me that you love me,



And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!

我將在平靜中安息, 直到你來我身邊!

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古老的歌 Ancient Folk Tune

詩人:王持久 作曲家:朱嘉琪

Oh! This is an ancient folk tune, the sunrise and sunset at mountain Ba,
This is an ancient folk tune, the shadow of sail and the fishing boat’s light in the creek and river
This is the familiar song that I heard from my ancestors
This is the song that I looking for and it is still passing on.
This is the song that I want to sing, and it’s still flowing quietly in my heart,
This is the song that I want to sing, and now I rewrite it already.
Oh! The ancient folk tune!
Sooner or later it will blossom and bear fruit.

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Im Frühling

In Spring 在春天裡

Poet: Ernst Friedrich Schulze (1789 – 1817)

Composer: Franz Peter Schubert (1797 – 1828)



Still sitz’ ich an des Hügels Hang, der Himmel ist so klar,

Quietly I sit on the hill’s slope. The sky is so clear;



Das Lüftchen spielt im grünen Thal,

a breeze plays in the green valley



Wo ich beym ersten Frühlingsstrahl einst, ach, so glücklich war .

where I was at Spring’s first sunbeam once – ah, I was so happy.



Wo ich an ihrer Seite ging so traulich und so nah,

Where I walked at her side, so intimate and so close,



Und tief im dunkeln Felsenquell den schönen Himmel blau und hell, und sie im Himmel sah.

and deep in the dark rocky spring was the beautiful sky, blue and bright; and I saw her in the sky.



Sieh, wie der bunte Frühling schon aus Knosp’ und Blüthe blickt!

Look how colorful Spring already looks out from bud and blossom!



Nicht alle Blüthen sind mir gleich, am liebsten pflückt’ ich von dem Zweig, von welchem sie gepflückt.

Not every blossom is the same for me: I like best to pick from the branch from which she picked hers.



Denn Alles ist wie damals noch, die Blumen, das Gefild;

For all is as it was back then: the flowers, the field;



Die Sonne scheint nicht minder hell, nicht minder freundlich schwimmt im Quell Das blaue Himmelsbild.

the sun does not shine less brightly, nor does the stream reflect any less charmingly the blue image of the sky.

陽光依然那麼的照耀著,胡瓜那個倒影仍然絢麗, 水藍的天空倒影。


Es wandeln nur sich Will’ und Wahn, es wechseln Lust und Streit;

The only things that change are will and illusion: Joys and quarrels alternate,



Vorüber flieht der Liebe Glück, und nur die Liebe bleibt zurück, die Lieb’ und ach, das Leid!

the happiness of love flies past and only the love remains – The love and, ah, the sorrow.

只獨留下愛情 啊,哀傷。


O wär’ ich doch das Vöglein nur dort an dem Wiesenhang,

Oh, if only I were a little bird, there on the meadow’s slope —



Dann blieb’ ich auf den Zweigen hier und säng’ ein süßes Lied von ihr Den ganzen Sommer lang.

then I would remain here on these branches and sing a sweet song about her the whole summer long.


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Ave Maria! 聖母頌

Poet: Adam Storck (1780 – 1822)

Composer: Franz Peter Schubert (1797 – 1828)

Ave Maria! Jungfrau mild,

Ave Maria! Gentle virgin,


Erhöre einer Jungfrau Flehen,

Listen to a virgin’s prayer;


Aus diesem Felsen starr und wild

From this rock so solid and wild


Soll mein Gebet zu dir hinwehen.

May my prayer rise towards you.


Wir schlafen sicher bis zum Morgen,

Allow us to sleep safely until the morning,


Ob Menschen noch so grausam sind.

Even though people can be so cruel.


O Jungfrau, sieh der Jungfrau Sorgen,

Oh virgin, look on the cares of this virgin,


O Mutter, hör ein bittend Kind! Ave Maria! Oh mother, hear a begging child! Ave Maria!


Ave Maria! Unbefleckt!

Ave Maria! Unsullied!


Wenn wir auf diesen Felsen sinken

When we sink down onto this rock


Zum Schlaf, und uns dein Schutz bedeckt,

To sleep, and we are covered by your protection,


Wird weich der harte Fels uns dünken.

This hard rock will seem to us to be soft.


Du lächelst, Rosendüfte wehen

If you smile, the fragrances of roses will waft


In dieser dumpfen Felsenkluft.

Into this gloomy cavern in the rock.


O Mutter, höre Kindes Flehen,

Oh mother, hear a child’s prayer,


O Jungfrau, eine Jungfrau ruft! Ave Maria!

Oh virgin, a virgin is calling! Ave Maria!


Ave Maria! Reine Magd! Ave Maria! Pure maid!

萬福瑪麗亞!純潔的少女! Der Erde und der Luft Dämonen, The demons of earth and air,


Von deines Auges Huld verjagt, Chased away from the grace of your eyes,


Sie können hier nicht bei uns wohnen.

They cannot live here with us.


Wir woll’n uns still dem Schicksal beugen, We wish to submit quietly to fate,


Da uns dein heil’ger Trost anweht;

Since you are bestowing your blessed consolation;


Der Jungfrau wolle hold dich neigen,

May you be willing to stoop down to this virgin,


Dem Kind, das für den Vater fleht. Ave Maria!

To this child who is praying for her father. Ave Maria!



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